Additional Cosmetic Eye Surgeries in Milwaukee

Popular Plastic Surgery Options in Wisconsin

While blepharoplasty is a popular cosmetic procedure, there are other options for Milwaukee area resident hoping to improve their appearance with Dr. Massaro. Here are just a few of the procedures offered:

Forehead Brow Lifts

Forehead brow lifts are usually performed to correct sagging in the skin of the forehead, upper eyelids or eyebrows. Wrinkle lines and frown lines are reduced and sagging brows are raised. There are two types of forehead brow lifts: the classic lift and the endoscopic lift. Both are highly effective in achieving tighter skin and a younger appearance.

Whether you desire a more youthful appearance, are tired of looking tired, or don’t like the way the little vertical line between your brows makes you look angry, a forehead brow lift may be your best option for cosmetic eye surgery. During your eye surgery consultation, we will determine the best procedure to meet your desired goal and look.

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Repairs for Ptosis (Droopy Eyelids)

Ptosis is a condition characterized by drooping eyelids. Eyelids naturally stretch over time and heredity, smoking or fluid retention may speed up the process. Ptosis can also occur from a weak levator muscle, and the condition can appear as early as childhood (often, pediatric ptosis is congenital). When there is sufficient levator muscle function, a levator resection can be performed. When this muscle is very weak, a frontalis suspension is necessary. As an experienced oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Massaro has years of experience with ptosis repair and will safely correct your eyelids.

Ptosis Eye Surgery Before and After

Ptosis causes a tired appearance and, in severe cases, may cause vision impairment. Repair involves altering the height of the eyelid and the position where it rests on the surface of the eye. When you have excess skin or fat in your eyelids, this may be the right surgical option for you. Ptosis repair requires an extensively skilled cosmetic eyelid surgeon like Dr. Massaro.

While many eyelid surgery procedures are not covered by insurance, ptosis is an exception in cases of vision impairment. If this describes your situation, Dr. Massaro will provide all the documentation necessary to ensure your surgery is deemed necessary in order to have it covered by your insurance provider. Your first step will be to get an assessment of your condition from Dr. Massaro. During your personal consultation, all cosmetic eye surgery options will be discussed in order to determine the best possible eye surgery solution for you.

Botox® Facial Injections

Botox® is a prescription medicine which is injected into facial muscles to temporarily reduce crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows. This procedure is most effective on wrinkles which haven’t set yet. These types of wrinkles typically appear only when you make facial gestures—such as smiling or frowning. This is a non-surgical treatment which produces short term results, typically lasting up to 4 months.

Botox® injections work by blocking (paralyzing) the nerves which contract the muscles. When these nerves are paralyzed, a softening in the appearance of wrinkles occurs. While the results are not permanent, they are quite effective and do not involve the downtime of surgery. Botox® injections should only be given by a board-certified surgeon or dermatologist, such as Dr. Massaro.

Side Effects of Botox®

Side effects of Botox® injections are minor and vary from patient to patient, depending upon the type of service. Typically reported side effects include headaches, bruising and minor pain during injection. Most patients find the minor discomfort of these side effects well worth the results.

Blepharoplasty is More than Skin Care

While the type of skin care performed at spas can help alleviate early stage eyelid sagging which typically occurs to those in their late twenties and early thirties, the more advanced eyelid aging usually demands surgical intervention.

Correcting “droopy” eyelids (ptosis) requires proper medical procedures which actually reverse the droopiness found in the eyelids. Successful eyelid lifts require removing, tightening or sculpting the deeper tissues which are causing sagging in the eyelids. These procedures address the root cause of drooping and baggy eyelids, as well as frown lines and brow furrows. Creams, lotions, cucumbers and other spa-type “treatments” simply cannot correct problems such as these and our clinic will not deceive you into thinking otherwise.

Learn more about your options by scheduling a personal eyelid surgery consultation at our clinic. As a board-certified ocular plastic surgeon, Dr. Massaro will answer all your questions and recommend the most effective course of treatment for your condition.

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